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The cold, thin air that permeated through the dark caslte, along with a bit of sunlight that seeped through the curtains and windows. It was one of those days that you would have to put on a jacket if you weren’t used to it, much like the minions. Mr. M was already warm enough, his jumpsuit caused his whole body to become sweaty. His red bandana that was around his neck made him a little sweaty in that area too. He had a sense of lethargy out of boredom and from staying up all night working on Brobot M-Type. The very drowsy Mr. M laid down on his bed. There was a black mattress, a grey pillow, and red sheets. He loved those colors for, well, his whole life. He pulled the covers up to his face and closed his eyes, starting to snore. Luckily for the person watching him, he’d left the door open on accident…


mamaluigi1214 asked:

"Heh, hello, M-ario." Mr. M played with his words a bit. It was a hobby of his. He smirked evilly over at the (almost) clone of himself.

red-man-of-mustache answered:

" !!!"

He knew that sinister voice! The male turned to Mr M and his eyes immediately became shifty. What was he doing here?! Why was he here again?

" Hello-a M. What is it-a this time?"

"Heh. Just like that one time. You heroes are gonna fall in the hands of Bleck, you know that?"

The man chuckled with enjoyment.

"Especially the arm flailing turtle…"